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the fridnship thing

Dec 12, 1996 12:04 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Kym writes
>I am aware I am running a huge risk of being labeled emotional, therefore
>weak, by revealing my "fear" of men who think as you do.  So be it. . .I
>just don't know what else to tell you. . .except the truth.  I'll accept the
Dear Kym,

Please let me tell you that the "acientific" view of being objective and
leaving the emotions out of your dealings is by now considered antiquated,
for men as well as for women. It has by now been well established that
thought and emotions work together ... mixed together ... They are just
about impossible to separate. The Nazis tried to train themselves & their
young people to act completely unemotionally. They even invented a word for
it ... to be "stur" (stoor) - unfeeling, unemotional. They thought they had
it, but it turned out afterwards that they didnd't. Not even a scientist can
be completely "stur". It has by now been discovered that the experimenter's
personal attitude & feelings have an effect on the experiment. I'd like to
suggest to you that completely "stur" persons can most often be found in
booby hatches, because it really can't be done, unless one is completely
unhinged. Some pathological killers are stur.
So now please stop worrying about showing your emotions. You wouldn't be
normal if you didn't.


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