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Intuition vs. Emotion

Dec 09, 1996 08:01 AM
by Art House

Tom Robertson:
>Maybe I should not have assumed as much standardization of ideas among
>Theosophists who are not members of the Theosophical Society (Adyar), as I
>have, since my experience with non-TS members is very limited.  Still, there
>has to be something that all Theosophists have in common, or the term is

>Is it some kind of grudge you have against the Theosophical Society that
>makes you so snotty, rude, insulting, and intolerant towards one of its
>members, or is this your way of trying to "establish a nucleus of the
>universal brotherhood of humanity?"  I have done nothing to deserve it.
>Maybe being involved in the Seattle Lodge of the TS has spoiled me, since,
>in the 3 years that I have been active in it, no one has ever been so
>disrepectful towards me.  They have encouraged me to say what I have to say,
>regardless of whether or not they agree with me, and have not insulted me
>for doing so.

<snip>>Maybe the name of this list should be renamed
>"Crusading for Feminism."  It is my understanding of Theosophy that it
>considers balance, not matriarchy, to be the ideal.

You have the arrogance to basically make statements that say, emotion is
inferior, women are more emotional than men, therefore men are superior
than women, therefore men should dominate.  Then you have the arrogance
to say that people are being hateful to you, that you have done nothing
to deserve this, that you are a longstanding Theosophist, then you
stated about levels of planes of spirit-matter, that you got your
information from the "standardization of ideas among Theosophists", and
that we are not striving for balance.

Your point of views were getting very tiresome to me, and I was just
about to ignore you.  However, upon reflection, the strength of us
pacifists is speech.  Tom, we are not going to club you for your point
of view, but we sure are going to speak our minds, just as you spoke
your mind in ways that demean women, and in ways that support war.  Too
many people are silent about what they feel is right, because they are
afraid to make waves, because they are afraid to draw attention to
themselves, because they are afraid that they would change society too
much, change what they know, no matter how erroneous.  Sure, Tom, you
are one person with his opinion, and we should respect your opinion.
However, if there were millions of you out there with the same opinion
(and looking at the situation of the world, there is), then that is very
dangerous to equality, and very dangerous to peace.  It is time to stand
up and say, "NO!" when one encounters a person with such dangerous point
of views, even if we have to talk, talk, talk our heads off, even if we
have to carry picket signs every day.


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