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Re: Sexism

Dec 12, 1996 10:10 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Art House <>

> TTT  to T. Robertson:
> You stated more than "one way in which <you> believe men are superior."
> You stated that "it is natural for men to dominate women, since they are
> stronger, both physically and volitionally."  You stated that women are
> more emotional than men, emotion causes impulsive responses, and
> therefore men are better leaders.  You stated that "masculinity is
> active and dominant, and that feminity is passive and submissive", and
> "men are generally predominantly masculine, and women are generally
> predominantly feminine"; therefore men are more active and dominant, and
> women are more passive and submissive. <snip> On top
> of that, you stated that men dominate over women, and that women like it
> that way.
I've resisted responding to the dominance thing, but I can resist no
Every time I read that infamous quote, that women are just dying to be
by some big strong hunky guy, this wall of romance novels at the local
bookstore pops into my mind.  We being so theosophical and intellectual
we may have missed the treat of seeing the endless covers of big, strong
manly men hovering over some withering female, who is practically fainting
from the notion that he is about to give it to her.

I believe that if someone *wants* to believe that women want to be
dominated, they are entitled to their own personal sexual fantasies.
But we all might not share the same fantasies.

I'm sure Chuck's friends that are into S&M would be more knowledgeable
and have much more to say about this than I ever could.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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