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Re: To Tom

Dec 11, 1996 08:04 PM
by Art House

Tom Wrote:

>I was also referring to how our bodies kill bacteria, how washing bedsheets
>kills dust mites, and how breathing kills microbes.  "Ahimsa" is an
>impossible dream.

So what are you suggesting here, that we all say "What the Hell" and
start committing drive-bys?


>Without others to admire, I doubt if ideals could be envisioned.

Somebody has to take the initiative.
Just curious, what is your view on "self esteem"? It sounds like a hard
row to hoe to always be trying to be as good as or better than somebody
else. I question whether that will ever lead you to a significant
encounter with the intrinsic worth of your own individuality. What about
setting deep goals for yourself and judging personally whether or not
you've reached them?


>I would say just the opposite, since masculine and feminine are
>examples of Yin and Yang, which are literally as different as are night and day.

Yin and Yang are part of a larger doctrine that posits the Tao and its
unspeakable referent as the ultimate identity and source of both. It is
an esoteric paradox. Polarity theory needs to be placed in this context
to be properly understood. Yin and Yang are parts of each other and
interdepend. Their characters and relationships considered together
connote the whole system.

"As different as night and day and yet one and the same" is more
accurate. The energy that differentiates the poles also allows them to
maintain seemingly separate identities and relate in cooperation or
conflict. This energy is really the identity of both and at it's root is
One. As Master KH says, "The discord is also the harmony."


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