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Three for the day/from ArtHouse

Dec 09, 1996 04:37 AM
by Art House

I've made my share of errors,
mistakes and broken hearts.
Many's the time when I have done wrong.

I'm mired in the confusion
and potential of being human
just the same as anybody else.

I've had a few visions of inspiration -

and I've seen my own shadow
by becoming it's actions.

All in all it's a pretty mixed bag.
Yin and Yang as they say.
And I believe them.


the rising star
of each new day
brings renewing light to waiting hearts.

rekindling warmth of cosmic fire
"may all remember god's desire"

the hour is now at hand
the cycles of cosmic change begin
the holy inbreath;

dissolving all of this into one; exhale,
I hear all voices as one voice.


outside of personalities,
beyond separate existence,
wholly complete and
perfectly lovely.

the silent geese
lost in morning fog

the warmth of laughter
the radiance of a simple smile

soundless sound
lightless light.

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