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Re: sexism

Dec 08, 1996 09:19 AM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote, <B>as an example of the ridiculous extremes
of illogic</B>:

> PMS is also cited in murder cases, which leads us to the assumption,
> following your example of course - PMS and murder are correlated.  If that
> is true, Tom, I suspect you speak more softly around the women you may
> encounter, save this garbage for your belching buddies.

	RE: The "PMS defense": In general, legal defenses based on a member of
a disempowered group having some condition that the empowered members do
not have. This, in the long run, works against the disempowered groups,
as it give the impression that they are unable to control their actions,
further giving the illusion that they are somehow less than human (which
I feel most of us agree would be an inherently untheosophical
conclusion). Even bringing up the "PMS" defense only serves to fuel
Tom's opinions, because, if it works (and I do not believe that it has
worked, although "black rage" defenses have), it has the backlash effect
of creating an official governmental statement that irrationality in
women (or, for equivalent defenses, other disempowered groups) is
natural, and therefore dehumanizing the disempowered group.

	Theosophy has been improperly linked with Naziism in the past,
forgetting the important twist that Nazi's put on theosophical ideas:
They defined the Germans and Nordic peoples as the "Aryans", and called
the rest of the people "subhumans". The writings of Blavatsky and the
Mahatmas make it clear that, when they mention the Aryans, they refer to
all of are commonly called "races" (while some say that the Australian
aborigines are excluded, it must be noted that, on careful reading, all
the early writings state is that the Australian aborigines have the
remnants of the CIVILIZATION of the 4th root race, not necessarily the

	All the arguments about the term "brotherhood" are for naught if we
forget the true concept behind the 1st Object.

	Bart Lidofsky

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