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Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex

Dec 06, 1996 10:03 AM
by Art House

Jerry Schueler:
>Have you ever considered the possibility that "sexual desire" is
>the physical manifestation of our spiritual thirst for
>wholeness?  Looked at this way, it is primary, not secondary.
>There is nothing wrong with sexual desire per se.  The important
>thing is how we go about fulfilling that desire.  It is no
>accident that samadhi and spiritual peak experiences are often
>equated with orgasmic ecstasy.

Looking at it that way, I can see how sex could be a primary factor,
since it takes Ying and Yang to create wholeness all the way from our
sex organs to the universe.

>Oh, sex is much better than cake and the baser the better.  I've been doing
>it for 31 years and I have yet to have a belly ache from too much.

I LOVE sex AND cake, or lots of little cup cakes with whip cream on top
lining my man's body.  However, looking at it from the universe view
point and from the humane viewpoint, sexual acts should be performed in
the spirit of respect toward the union of +-.  Does your attitude of
doing it just for fun pay any respect to the universe at all, or are you
just recommending selfishness?  If so, wouldn't that be doctrinaire
Satanism and not t/Theosophy?

TTT S=o)

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