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Re: RE; Datre P

Dec 06, 1996 08:12 AM
by Joseph K PricE

Message text written by
I have a zipped file with about 34 Datre files in and they are very
interesting. If it suits you I could send them privately to you as an
attachment. I keep dipping in there for a quick read and find statements
that ring some bells.<

KeitI Yeah! Send me the file pleae. THanks Bee:

Keith:  To all:  No one has bothered to respond about neuropathology,
schizo-afffective dissociation, organic brain disease, toxic CNS poisoning and
other physical-psychologyical ailments that can be mistaken for ENLIGHTENMENT.
Purhaps these conditions are mistake for enlightenment by no one but the
purpose suffering the delusion.  Still in the East, if you cross your eyes,
swoon and looke spaced out people sit at your feet and ask for miracles, in
Texas they just think you are drunk again!


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