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Re: gender language

Dec 05, 1996 08:06 PM
by Mika Perala

Jim wrote:
> Personally, I'm in the this-is-no-big-deal category.  But since it is so
> important to some, it makes for interesting reading on theos-l.  I wish
> there was more thought given to the proper expression of the idea that was
> once universally thought of as "Brotherhood".  English sounds are not based
> upon mantric law, as those in Sanskrit alledgedly are, but there may still
> be enough of this "idea:spoken word" connection to warrant careful
> consideration before undertaking changes on words so fundamental to the
> Society.  If the point is for "the nucleus" to become universal, then the
> mission statement must express something which is universally admirable.
> A question: when "Brotherhood" (as a gender neutral idea such as was
> envisioned by the TS founders) is translated into other languages, does the
> idea still take a masculine form?
> Jim

In finnish the word "veli" means brother and "veljeys" is brotherhood so
it is very masculine.


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