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Dec 05, 1996 08:46 AM
by Art House

Tom Robertson:
>It is natural for men to dominate women, since they are stronger, both
>physically and volitionally.  Most women want this, preferring men to be the
>leaders.  "Exploitation" has negative connotations of injustice, which is
>distinct from domination.

>I do not understand what it means to think emotionally.  I do not regard
>your question as very difficult, since I would choose a leader who acted as
>a result of thinking logically over one who acted emotionally without
>hesitation.  That is one reason why men are leaders, since they do this
>better than women do.  I would not want to count on an emotional leader to
>win a war for me.

>They both have their purposes.  Emotion is a good source of information.
>Logic is a tool for determining truth.  Being "emotional," though, in the
>sense of acting irrationally, as opposed to thinking logically, is a
>typically feminine weakness.

Emotion is also a tool for determining truth, and logic is a good source
of information.  There are people who think that they are acting
logically, that A+B always equals C.   They act without hesitation
because there can be no gray zone.  Using emotion does not mean that one
acts without hesitation.  One can use emotion to FEEL over time the
situation, and act accordingly.  Some parts of emotion are love,
instinct, guilt and compassion.  I would not want a leader who acts
without those emotions being strong influences.  These influences
counteract such base nature as being power hungry ("domination"), being
INSENSITIVE, and being inflexible to the detriment of the situation.
Sure, in history, men are often leaders, and true, men are usually
physically stronger.  Being physically stronger does not indicate a
strong leader, except maybe in caveman days where order is done by
knocking others over the head with a club.  One can be a great leader
from a wheelchair.  As far as the history of men as leaders, they
include Hitler,  Genghis Khan, Saddam Husein, etc., etc.  Also, as far
as the men in my life, most of them have their times, occurring at least
once a month, in which they become totally cranky, irrational, and
moody.  I tell them that they must have PMS.  Logically, this tells me
that it's possible that men are developing ovaries since "PMS and
irrationality are connected" (Some cases of PMS U Some cases of
irrationality = possibility men are developing ovaries).  I did saw in
the National Equirer headline at my local grocery store that there was a
case of a man who gave birth.  This must be true!

In history, many wars, killing and torture have occurred because of the
need for domination and territorial rights over one group or another.
This was rooted from the animal need for survival.  I would hope that we
can evolve beyond that, realize that all souls are related to us, and
have leaders who would use love as their guide.  What good is "volition"
if you can't use your will in a compassionate way?

P.S. (In an emotional way) Alan, I love, love you!

TTT S=o)

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