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Re: Paradigm shifts - to B Brown

Dec 04, 1996 07:46 PM
by Bee Brown

At 09:42 PM 03/12/96 -0500, Bee wrote:
>Message text written by
>>on the Milleum list which I read
>but do not really get involved in. I have become acquainted with a web page
>that features the Datre teachings that are different but quite interesting.
>As I have been dabbling in these areas for quite some time, I have developed
>much more discrimination and Datre have left a favourable impression even
>though it is channeled stuff. They say similar things, just different
>analogies to try to explain stuff that is not yet part of our intellectual
>Bee Brown
>Member Theosophy NZ, TI.
>Keith:  I think shingle (chicken pox revisited) is due to inner conflinct and
>unresolved karma as much as any disease so I am taking zovoraz and being as
>as I can to everybody.  Thanks for your response.  I see that young people are
>looking and having a harder time than we did maybe, because they have so many
>options as so little GROUNDING  in the basics which we got whether we liked it
>or not.  We rejected fundamentalism, they have hardly been exposed to it except
>as a joke on TV.
>Many musicians are upset becomes they change middle A on the piano up so as to
>make computer synthesizer easier to coordinate and program.  I have noticed a
>certain speeding up in my psyche.  But I have recently slowed down and actually
>started cooking again.  I thought everyone lived on Big Macs etc.  It seems
>home cooking really does include mystical thought forms commonly called LOVE
>-uumm good!
>Please e-mail with the address of some of the sites you  have felt helpful
and I
>will respond with one or two I like. C'est vous plait, OK?
I have a zipped file with about 34 Datre files in and they are very
interesting. If it suits you I could send them privately to you as an
attachment. I keep dipping in there for a quick read and find statements
that ring some bells.
I have come to the conclusion that if some info from somewhere rings a bell
then it is worth thinking about even if it comes from a 'strange quarter'.
The quarter is only an evaluation we make as to whether it seems legit or
not, to us or to the people we are interacting with. I potter about in all
sorts of quarters and have learned many interesting things but some just
fade away as they are replaced or no longer relevant to the experience of
living. Some become part of my way of relating to the world and that is the
reason for pottering around in the first place.
Datre text 11 is about comprehending what we experience, read etc rather
than remembering it as we cannot 'know' without comprehension. It also talks
about reading between the lines and that really did a take as I have done
that for years without really quite knowing why.
Not strictly Theos but I have no arguements between the two.

Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

I don't have a solution but
I admire the problem.

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