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Theosophy World

Dec 03, 1996 07:06 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

The December issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD has come out. Its table of
contents is:

> "Time of the Winter Solstice" by Eldon Tucker
> "An Invitation to Discussion"
> "Postmodernism and Theosophy: A Dialogue With
>    Jerry Hejka-Ekins" by David Borsos
> "Giving and Taking Orders" by Ruben Cabigting
> "Seeds" by Dara Eklund
> "The Initiations" by Eldon Tucker
> "Theosophical Queries" by H. P. Blavatsky
> "Signs of Genuine Mystery Schools" by Eldon Tucker
> "Love and Sacrifice -- The Cure for Anger and Desire" by
>    Sri Satya Sai Baba
> "Neo-Theosophnik Bongo Art Missive" by Mark Kusek
> "Intensification of Karma in Probation" by Eldon Tucker
> "Intuition: Our Next Step" by Einar Adalsteinsson
> "Euthansia and the Sanctity of Life" by Andrew Rooke

The theosophical email monthly is about 100,000 bytes in size. A
sample copy or free subscription is available by writing:

Articles and other items of theosophical interest are discussed in
the associated email list, Participation
in this list is optional; it's ok to receive the magazine without
being on theos-talk.

-- Eldon

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