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Gender Language

Dec 03, 1996 11:43 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Jim,

The idea of "brotherhood" is that everything in the universe is
interrelated. I realised this one day, when I was thinking over that we
contain in our bodies all sorts of minerals that also exist in the rest of
the universe. If you imigineer around the "Secret Doctrine" the first human
beings were kind of a fog which sort of accumulated in space, and over the
eons took on more & more of a definite form. The rest of creation also
evolved from whatever gases & etc. were emitted from the big bang. If you
think of sort of amorphous entities floating in space, away from the big
bang, to me, this fortifies the ideas that we're all one, differentiated.
Everything in this universe had its beginnings at the same source. The SD
also says that at the conclusion of our human cycle we'll all again be able
to act as one, but we'll also be differentiated human beings. So, that's

At least it was Brotherhood 120 years ago, when anybody who was anybody was
a man. Women weren't considered to be very much, they were just beginning to
make a racket to be counted. At that time, when the man was the boss,
everybody thought of our universality as a Brotherhood ... women as well as
men. It was the style of the times. Well, it's not the style anymore. I'd
rather think of human "families", to which men & women contribute equally.
But the most important thing is that lots of young people, whom we'd like to
attract to the TS, are completely turned off by that kind of terminology.
They won't even look twice at an organization that says it champions
brotherhood. The latter is my biggest reason for wanting to change it. But I
also protest to calling it brotherhood out of principle, because I am and,
in this life, have always been a sister.

On a personal note, where do you live in Jersey? I'm in Syracuse NY now, but
I grew up in Newark, & my kids grew up in East Orange and Bloomfield. I
worked for the State, and besides working in & around Newark, was stationed
in Morristown, Passaic and Hackensack.

Best wishes


> (Jim Meier)
>Subject: on Gender Language

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