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Re: Sex & Creation

Dec 02, 1996 07:45 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Patrick Alessandra Jr. wrote:
> In The Secret Doctrine Vol II (1979) pp. 411-415 the issue of
> procreation is discussed with a perspective on the needs of human
> evolution.

	Of course, if you insist on reading Blavatsky in the light of the Cult
of the Failed Messiah, then you might consider it as sort of "In Adam'f
fall, we finned all" manner. Being brought up without a concept of
"Original Sin", I look at it in the light of the 4th root race
reincarnating into the 5th root race. By accepting the "fruit of the
tree of knowledge", the 5th root race became sentient. With sentience
comes an awareness of one's own death, but also a realization of one's
creative potential.

	In Jewish thought, the story of Adam and Eve was God appointing
humanity his partners in Creation. There was no magic quality in the
fruit of the Tree of Knowledge; the knowledge was that it was physically
possible for humanity to act independently of God's wishes; humans are
on a par with God, not mindless subjects of God.

>      Also, for those who study A. Bailey's writings, the book "A
> Compilation on Sex" provides a thorough assessment of the issues
> surrounding this subject.

	To be polite to the proponents of Alice Bailey here, I will merely say
that I find her thoughts on sexuality to be, at best, clouded by
personal prejudice.

	Bart Lidofsky

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