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Re: Kookie Neo-theosophy?

Nov 30, 1996 02:50 PM
by Bee Brown

At 10:32 PM 29/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Someone sent me Gregg Braden's video: AWAKENING TO ZERO POINT.  I won't belabor
>relating the hole 4 hours but he makes some interesting points:
>1.  the vibration of the planet including the rotation of the earth and the
>magnetic fieds are changing so as to affect things like pulse rate, and other
>physical bodily funtions, and mental functioning.
>2.  Spiritual shifts are also being brought about by changes in the
rotation and
>magnetic fields of the sun and planets
>3.  Relationship issues ( a big jump, but I salute him for this little
>area in hard core theosophy) are becoming a battle ground for past karma.  The
>people I bring into my life are not just my karmic debtors, nor are they my
>'mirrors' of what is inside me (though they are that too),  but they are what I
>judge, they are the things I hold onto as unfinished business from past lives.
>As I judge so am I judged by bringing people, situations and institutions into
>my life that will play out the court room drama on my own private court TV
>4.  He is somehow associated with the "MICHAEL" teachings- does this ring a
>with anyone out there
>5.  Much more talk about visitiors coming in - most recently on a Death Star
>attached to the comet Hale-Bopp.
>PS - by the way I found out that I have shingles which has really brought me
>down, down, down and gives me a physcial clue as to why my nerves have been so
>"raw" as of late
That is nasty stuff of put up with. I hope you get on top of it soon.
A lot of what you mention is talked about on the Milleum list which I read
but do not really get involved in. I have become acquainted with a web page
that features the Datre teachings that are different but quite interesting.
As I have been dabbling in these areas for quite some time, I have developed
much more discrimination and Datre have left a favourable impression even
though it is channeled stuff. They say similar things, just different
analogies to try to explain stuff that is not yet part of our intellectual
There has been hot disputes over the 'Death Star' and now the guy who
'discovered' it says there was a bug in his software or what ever and he
made a mistake. The MMlist have covered this topic extensively and there
seems to be doubt about it's existence.
Relationship issues are certainly taking a battering and it seems to me that
many are checking out of this existence. I am continually confronted with
people around me dying with cancer and they are around the 55-70 age group
as well as an unusual number of young suicides, whether by car or other
means. There have been 16 youth suicides in the last few months and they are
still coming. I understand that as a change in the frequencies of the planet
and some are not able to hold them or else they have chosen not to be here
at the moment.
We perhaps need to be aware of the changes and keep an eye on our own
reactions so that we can hang in without too much wear and tear.
I understand shingles needs rest and recreation :-) so I wish you lot of that.
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

I don't have a solution but
I admire the problem.

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