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Re: Feelings

Oct 28, 1996 09:27 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> And it sort of worked, don't you think?  At the most, just quite a few
> now think I'm confused (thanks a lot); anyway, no one has stepped on my
> testicle or put a rash-spell on me--yet, at least.  Furthermore, it was
> honest feeling of apprehension, and hey, I'm not so macho that I need to
> about such things. . . .
> So anyway, I brought up a controversial point and survived theos-l.  To
> that's a very successful post.

Is not rather bizarre that we should be so concerned of what some phantoms
cyberspace think of us?  Do we fit in with their cyber opinon?  Will the
cyberpeople still like me?  These questions are written to everyone on the
list, including myself.

Our intestinal fortitude to air and flaunt our opinions may be the same on
off-line.  But it still comes down to not wanting the group to think badly
of us, from playground to the office to theos-l. Do I post only with the
crowd, lest someone cybernail me?

Your opinion, Richard, made me consider the argument in a different light.
In our pursuit of the new (Uranus/Aquarius), do we throw out the
traditional (Saturn/Capricorn)?  Could there be a balance or are
the forces for revolution too strong?  Or are the forces for tradition
even stronger?

-Ann E. Bermingham

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