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Oct 26, 1996 04:18 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

> How do we get those "in charge" to listen????
They're already listening, some of them. I said in a previous  message that
Dora Kunz does it, (see her "The Personal Aura") and Dora was President of
the American TS for many years. Shirley Nicholson who used to be chief
editor, and is now directing Krotona Institute, does it (see "Ancient
Wisdom, Modern Insight"). And I'm looking through John Algeo's manual on the
SD. That has a sprinkling of Sanskrit words, like Dhyani Chohans, and here I
see a real interesting chart on p. 29 in Sanskrit & English equivalents
called "The One and the Many, The First Fundamental Proposition." We're
talking about the SD, which uses a lot of foreign words, especially
Sanskrit. The chart is written with the Sanskrit & English  following each
other. It makes concepts clear to me that were hazy before. I think it's
written so that present day people can understand the concepts of the SD.,
which has a lot of Sanskrit in it. It's written so that people can
understand, not so that people can stand amazed at HPB's command of Sanskrit.

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