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Re: First Object

Oct 25, 1996 08:47 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Ann E. Bermingham"
<> writes
>>      Fellowship implies friendship; Brotherhood implies that we came out of
>> the same womb, that we are all responsible for each other, that we are
>> all responsible TO each other.
>>      Bart Lidofsky
>Brotherhood is the state or relationship of being brothers - two or more
>males.  A brother can be two males with the same parents or members of a
>monastic order.  In the dictionary,
>brotherhood is also defined as fellowship.(!)  and an association of men,
>such as a fraternity or union, united for common purposes.  Seems to me
>that even the dictionary officially
>associates the word "brother" and "brotherhood" with something that is
>exclusively male.
>Seems like the times demand a better word.
>-Ann E. Bermingham


"THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL comprises men and women who, of their own
   free choice, subscribe to the spirit of the three objects first
   formulated by the Theosophical Society, but in a more up-to-date
   form based on suggestions by members of the internet community,
   and expressed thus:

1. To form a nucleus within the universal human family, without
   distinction of sex, sexual orientation, creed, class, or color."

:End quote.

The "formation of a nucleus" depends upon the lack of distinction based
upon the various prejudices which are all too often associated in
people's minds with the categories mentioned.  Possibly other categories
could or even should be added, like age and ability.

To join Theosophy International, send an e-mail message asking to
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or give your name and other details you wish to share to whoever
   introduced you.

To join in disussion about promoting "TI" objects, send an e-mail
   to with no subject header and the message

   subscribe TI-L your name

Do not use a "sig" file - you will get an extra "error" message!

"TI" has 45 members in ten countries.

Alan Bain


Although TI members are active on the various theosophy mailing
lists (theos-l, theos-buds, etc., and which are maintined by John
Mead (himself a TI member), none of the theos mailing lists is
owned or exclusively reserved for members of Theosophy International,
Nor is TI a part of any other theosophical organisation.
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