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Re: one final thought

Oct 23, 1996 08:08 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

liesel f. deutsch wrote:

> Having a movie once a month is a dandy idea. I wonder whether you know that
> there's a whole slooge of video tapes available for rent from the Olcott
> Library. If you don't already have it, ask Elisabeth for the video index. I
> think she has it. There's probably a fee, but it's worth it, because it
> contains a wealth & a variety of material.

	We are well aware of it, but we would be considering that for members'
meetings (except that we are blessed with a large number of excellent
speakers, so we never have problems filling out the members' schedule).
The movies we show the first Friday of every month, however, is a
POPULAR movie, as opposed to a documentary. I got the idea from the
Miami Lodge's regular series of viewings and discussions of Star Trek
episodes (thanks, Sy!).

	Bart Lidofsky

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