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Re: re masculine connotations

Oct 23, 1996 08:35 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: liesel f. deutsch <>
> This is a very old struggle. People with new ideas struggling to get them
> in, over the objections of people who like their status quo, is something
> still remember from my teens, and I suspect that it's much older. Most
> it's the younger generation clamoring to be heard with their fresh,
> innovative, idealistic, & often imaginative ideas ... some of which are
> good, & some of which turn out to be hairbrained. It always seems to take
> struggle the get the new ideas across.

I come from the "boomer" generation, where I think we thought we would
change things by our sheer numbers.  In some way we did, for better or
worse.  In fact, our sheer numbers still influence what kind of products
services are advertised and marketed.  Since most of us are approaching
50 or already made it there, the sale of hair dye has gone up.

I remember reading somewhere that many who incarnated after WW2 were
those who had died in the war.  There lives had been rudely interrupted and
were eager to come back.  Also, they were tired of conflict and were those
who were against the Vietnam War.  (No, don't have any page numbers.  Just
a vague memory).

-Ann E. Bermingham

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