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re masculine connotations

Oct 22, 1996 05:59 PM
by liesel f. deutsch


Ann writes

There are some people who are
>visionaries that want
>to move into the future and devise new ways of doing things.  Then there
>are those who
>are very comfortable with the old regime and can't  understand why anyone
>would want to
>change what
>they already see to be perfect. And they don't want to be made
>IMHO, I think it's going to take a lot of struggle to give birth to a new
>and improved TS.

Dear Ann,

This is a very old struggle. People with new ideas struggling to get them
in, over the objections of people who like their status quo, is something I
still remember from my teens, and I suspect that it's much older. Most often
it's the younger generation clamoring to be heard with their fresh,
innovative, idealistic, & often imaginative ideas ... some of which are darn
good, & some of which turn out to be hairbrained. It always seems to take a
struggle the get the new ideas across. But from a distance of many years, it
also seems that the new ideas eventually just take over, as the people who
have them mature and advance to positions of leadership. Just as an example,
I remember how the conservatives howled loudly, & spread gloom & doom, told
how the US was going down the tubes, because Social Security was a
socialistic ploy, etc. etc. ad nauseatum, when that law was being debated
before its passage. Well, it still is socialistic, but, now that it's been
law for 60 years & we've gotten used to it, it's one socialistic idea that
everyone in this country just accepts today, and most people wouldn't be
without. If you just hang around long enough the new ideas people are
struggling for today will just become usual everyday.


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