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Re: Love Revisited

Oct 20, 1996 05:32 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Art House wrote:
> To my knowledge, our American founding fathers were Masons and not
> Theosophists. The Philosophical Research Organization
> and the works of Manley P. Hall are ripe with information for those
> interested. I also know of an account of a series of visions George
> Washington supposedly had at Valley Forge that might prove of interest
> to those looking into the "esoteric origins of the United States". I'll
> see if I can dig up the reference.
> Yours in earnest Childhood, :-)
> Love,
> Mark

  You are right. Most of them were Masons. I don't think anyone of them
ever knew the term Theosophy. I suppose the writer of the msg may be
someone who has not read about Masons. Any way, some free publicity about
Theosophy in cyberworld.


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