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Oct 19, 1996 03:53 PM
by ramadoss

Here is a very interesting msg I found on a newsgroup.
>Subject:      Re: Why Christians Suck
>From: (SpiritDctr)
>Date:         1996/10/18
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Yeah. get out and vote. by the way, the founding fathers were mostly
Theosofists and if you look at theosophy you can see how (in spite of the
Heavy Christian Pressure) the constitution and bill of rights came out so cool.

Christians believe they are the chosen, so do the Muslims, so do the Jews.
Perhaps all fo these "Chosen ones Beliefs"  were implanted by exterrestials.
Maybee they sit back and make wagers on how long the implanted beliefs will
last and how many earthlings will die as a result of them.

"I bet 10 shedarens that the muslims will kill 100 jews today."  "Your on."
10 minutes later walks with his friend and wispers "just abduct 2 more Jews
in the new settlements and give them the martyrdom bomb the place of worship
implant".  I split the bet 80/20.

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MKR - Comment:

Could it be that some Adepts were guiding the thinking of those who were
working on these documents? There were articles published in 1930s on this
issue. No one will know for sure.

Glad to see there are those who see the connection between Theo-sophical
ideas and worldly affairs of great import to the country and the world at large.

MK Ramadoss

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