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Re: One Thought

Oct 18, 1996 06:03 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> 	I have been trying to get alt.theosophy, but neither Dorsai Embassy
> (where the NYTS has its account) or Sprynet (where I have my account)
> can give me access. Any suggestions?

I use Concentric and had no trouble accessing it.

> I would certainly hope so.  But speaking of the TSA web page, they spent
> somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 to have that thing designed and I
> think they got ripped off.

>	Can you give me the source of that? There are several people active in
>TSA who are Web professionals, and would have happily done the job for
>free and better. Plus, there is an art staff at TSA. John Algeo
>mentioned to me some of the trouble they had with their symbol.

Yes, I've seen several pages which I know where done by a willing and able
member of an organization, just for the sheer thrill of doing it.  The
pages are quite nice.

As for sources, you can classify it as a rumor.  I've been down the tangled
path between Olcott and this list before and don't want to deal with it
again.  *IF* TSA did pay that much for the web page, it's sad.  I would
have liked Theosophy to have been presented to the WWW with a much livelier
and readable face.  Just my humble opinion here, as a graphic artist.
Perhaps the officials with TSA are very happy with it.  I dealt with many
clients in the business whom I disagreed with in terms of design, but they
got what they wanted and what they paid for.

I'm not so much concerned with the dollar amount as I am with the quality
of the page.

Thanks for your URL.

-Ann E. Bermingham


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