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Re: Politically Correct Theosophy?

Oct 18, 1996 11:56 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Eldon B. Tucker <>
> Some terms like "brotherhood" I see as falling in this second
> class. The term does not mean, as I see it, "a men's club, a place
> where women are not invited because they can't make the grade." It
> rather means a sangha or mutual support of a positive, masculine,
> forthright, creative nature.

This makes me want to play with word here.  Like "sisterhood" might mean
mutual support of a positive, feminine, forthright, creative nature.
Brotherhood and sisterhood, two sides of the same coin.  What shall we call
the coin itself?

> Granted, if we go into a certain cultural context, we have to
> temper our self-expression accordingly. Like a woman in western
> dress might be ill-received in some middle eastern countries. Or
> looking someone in the eyes in Japan might be considered
> aggressiveness, rather than being open and honest. But we are
> putting on different "masks" appropriate to each situation.
In many countries, the culture is changing, becoming more Westernized, for
good or bad.  One wonders if the Internet will hasten the homogenization of
the world, bringing us all closer to unity.

> What is important is that we use the keys given us by Theosophy to
> explore the deeper meanings of things, even if we often find
> ourselves having to keep our mouths shut, remaining silent about
> things that would simply be misunderstood.

Or perhaps mouth shut could be replaced by honest communication?

-Ann E. Bermingham

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