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He and she - again

Oct 17, 1996 10:01 AM
by Mika Perala


	You may be interested to know that in finnish language there is
no "he" or "she". There is only "han"" "a" should be scandinavian leteer
" a with two dots on it" pronounced as "hat"). All male and female are
just "han".

	This fact has not prevented the discrimination ot the other sex,
of course, though women do well here compared to many other countries. I
could even say most of the other countries.

	Still, Mrs. Uosukainen, who at this moment helds the second most
important "job"  after president is called "the spokesman of parliament".

I still think that the way we use words has an affect in our behaviour.
Changes don`t come overnight though.

BTW, some people here(in Finland) are annoyed because of the fact that
our minister of defence is a woman who has never had any militar
education. But after the WWII our minister of defence was a pacifist and
a _theosophist_ Yrjo Kallinen!!

Mika TI member (male)

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