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Seven Doors to Love - Open the closet - Let out those demons

Oct 15, 1996 11:11 PM
by Keith Price

I think there are seven levels of deep human connection.  The highest and most
difficult to achieve is a true spiritual connection without barriers are
preconditions.   On a lower level we can connect using abstract technologies, I
mean, terminologies.  One a still lower level we can connect on the level of
commerce and everyday information exchange.  Not lower, but in the preciese
middle, is the difficult connection of the heart which really includes all seven
levels in a mysterious way some say.  Desire, manipulation and power plays come
still lower and you guessed it our old debil ssssssssssex, the snake coiled
ready to rise to higher and higher levels of mischief all around us and through

I personally love men, women and children everywhere, but that doesn't have
anything necessarily to do with sex.  In sex we become cojoined as bisexual
beings and have these ciruitires are we couldn't link.

I know I am preaching to the choir, but it is good to be back on solid ground,
but stillwith my heade in the coulds.

Well, I'm not that much better come to think of it.  There are a lot of demons
lurking everywhere in my closet, in the clouds, in cyberspace.  It's really
scary stuff.  Seven levels of scare is too much.  I would rather have seven
levels of love.  Wouldn't you?

I image so many strange things that possibly there is a little to me black cats
eating white mice or is it the other way around and which are you.  I know I've
never been a speeling be, I think but I'm checking.  Never trust a spell nazi or
anyone with doesnt' know a smouch from a schmooze.  And while I'm I at, I'll say
homosexual, shmoomosexual, poke um if the can't take a hawk from handsaw.

Some people are straight north and gay northwest of desire.  I say take a street
called past desire, to surrende, transfer to acceptance and get off in heaven.
ANy takers?   If I don't hear from a few nonsexual men, woeman and little
people, I'll just die cry and singn.

Keith Price

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