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Re: Just for fun

Oct 15, 1996 05:33 AM
by John Straughn

CDGertrude writes:
>> ----------
>> > From: John Straughn <>
>> > Gotta throw the other sex in ...let's keep the girls happy.  But
>> seriously,
>> > isn't this sexism thing getting a little out of hand?
>> But isn't that the point?  The "girls" aren't happy.
>> >Most of the posts I see
>> > on here are related to discrimination of one thing or another.  The fact
>> is,
>> > we are all equals.
>> I'll applaud that, but there's a whole bunch of people (notice, I did not
>> say "guys") out there who don't, for different reasons.  No one likes to
>> feel like a second-class person simply because of their sex, race, color,
>> religion or you-name-it.
>> How would you like to be pawed and felt up by your male clergy and
>> co-workers?  Then be afraid to be say anything about it because your were
>> only one of the "girls" and lower in rank to the pawee?  I didn't read this
>> in the newspaper - I've lived it for thirty years.
>> Some of us "girls" have decided that we don't speak up for ourselves and
>> consider ourselves equals and demand that attitude of others, then we will
>> never be treated with respect.  If we sound a little shrill, it's because
>> we're tired of being some guy's cheap thrill.
>> -Ann E. Bermingham
>Girls? Sounds like you are refering to school children....How about
>trying ladies or women? Or would you like to be referred to as a boy?
If I had said women, I would have meant it.  I was referring to school
children, in a somewhat figurative sense.  This is explained further in a post
to Ann.
The Triaist

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