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Re: TS membership--to Jerry S.

Oct 14, 1996 05:17 PM
by ramadoss

I am very glad to see your post.

>From the long association I had with Theosophy and Theosophical Society and
the many of the officers, let me add 2 cents worth.

Fundamentally, what I have read in the Theosophical writings of various
writers have helped me to deal with my problems and those with whom I
interact as well as other living beings. For this I am very greateful and
this is something I could not put a dollar value. In addition, I have run
into many many fine human beings due to Theosophy and Theosophical Society.

One of the problems sometimes some of us can run into is the environment in
which you have the officers, the property/money and self-perceived
importance in having an Officer's Title. This is especially so when your
ideas may not be in line with those in the organizational structure and you
expect something - money or other non monetary real or imagined favors
including "spiritual" - direct or indirect from those in control.

As they say, he who pays the piper calls the tune, so there is no surprise
when those who bestow favors do overtly or subtly expect the recipients to
fall in line with mainline thinking no matter whether such thinking is right
or wrong or foolish.

As one of the greatest thinkers of modern times said - " I do not expect
anything from man or God" -- if one does not expect any favors from those
who are elected and have control of the resources -- we can keep our total
independence and apply Theosophical ideals to our daily life so that we can
improve, however little, the life of those with whom we interact.

As the philosophy of Theosophy is wonderful and its application can bring
about a lot of good to all living beings, I continue to associate myself
with Theosophy and TS and help in any way I can, so that more individuals
will get exposed to the wonderful philosophy.

As they say different strokes for different people, I am glad that you have
found ARE to suit your needs.

Whereever your interests and time is concentrated, I would be looking
forward to your posts here -- it does not matter whether I personally agree
with it or not -- it is what Theosophy has taught me.


At 09:49 AM 10/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Jerry,
>Since you ask me on the list about my ambivalence regarding TS
>memberships, I'll answer on the list.  Have been thinking a
>fair amount about this, along lines similar to your own.  The
>important decision for me lately was raising my A.R.E.
>membership from the associate to the sponsoring level, due to
>my consistently favorable impressions of the work that
>organization is doing.  Since the T.S.--Adyar requires dues and
>has not acted in the past year in a way that makes me want to
>pay more, I'll let that membership lapse.  Outright resignation
>would imply that I think the organization will *never* be one I
>can support, whereas I retain hope that in the future I may
>wish to renew membership.  I'd need to see convincing evidence
>that the E.S. stranglehold on the T.S.--Adyar had ended before
>considering renewal.  With Pasadena, the question becomes
>different, because there are no dues and one thinks of being a
>theosophist as a lifetime commitment more than an annual
>decision.  But basically my interests and orientation have now
>become dominated by Cayce and A.R.E. and the Theosophical
>membership is secondary at best.  As for finding a spiritual community
>that is receptive to, rather than rejecting of, one's literary
>efforts, I think the A.R.E. looks far more promising for me
>than Theosophy ever did, and suppose the same is true for you
>with the Magicians.

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