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Re: on AAB; race and homophobia (Bart)

Oct 13, 1996 03:45 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>> II.  Homosexuality is a sensitive issue for many people.  Homophobia is the
>> word Bart used; again, I don't think it can be accurately applied to AAB.
>> The word is literally "fear of homosexuals," and it is presently used to
>> cover the range from distaste to aversion to avowed hostility.
>       It is true that "homophobia", like "racism", is a word that has
>suffered much from misuse and abuse. Bailey, however, makes the
>assumption that homosexuality is entirely a matter of choice, and it is
>specifically the choice of those who also choose the path of evil. That,
>in my opinion, goes beyond rationality, which makes "homophobia" a
>reasonable sobriquet.

Many people still make this assumption - that it is a matter of choice.
For those affected (and/or afflicted in many cases) it clearly is no
such thing.  How many people would *choose* a life of social ostracism,
hatred and prejudice, if it could be avoided simply by making a
different "choice" - very few, I suspect.  Oscar Wilde went to gaol for
it, and who knows how many people have been brutally assaulted, rendered
pysically disabled, and even horribly murdered for their so-called

Medical science is gradually beginning to discover that there are almost
certainly biological and physiological causes which predispose people -
at the very least - to varying sexual preferences and lifestyles.

Even if homosexuality *were* a matter of choice, the Theosophcical
Societies all claim to operate "without discrimination of sex."

There used to to be the quaint (IMO) view among theosophists that
homosexuals (m or f) were transiting from one sex to another betweeen
incarnations ...

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