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Chaos Magic

Oct 12, 1996 07:15 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Carroll is probably one of the best Magickal writers around right now.
>He managed to take Spare's ideas and make them comprehensible, which is
>no small feat and I find him much more interesting than Frater U. D..

	I have yet to find a copy of Spare's works anywhere.  I only
know of him via second hand (Kenneth Grant, etc).  But the little I
have read tells me he was pretty good, albeit a bit eccentric. I
agree with your appraisal of Carroll, since modesty forbids me to
include my own works in such a discussion as does yours with your own
material.  His magical equations, for example, I though was an
excellent attempt to combine science and magic.  I also like his
eclectism, and of course, with a Ph.D. focused on chaos theory, I also
like chaos magic (I posted a chaos magic essay to theos-l via ftp
awhile back, don't know if its still there or not).

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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