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Re: Spiritual discrimination

Oct 11, 1996 08:19 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

> I found the General Semantic Institute's
> web page and I am also reading the book by the father to G-S Alfred
> Korzybski, Science and Sanity, published in 1933. It is not too hard to read
> and it sure does throw much light on the way we communicate.He was an
> engineer and mathmatician who was concerned about the confused thinking this
> world shows and some of his theories are very good. One of it's main themes
> is non-identity and that the map is not the territory. I have also found
> their g-s discussion list and I have learned a lot about the way I identify
> with words and symbols that actually have no factual reality and get annoyed
> with things people say mainly because I have chosen to identify certain
> emotions with those words. Talking about spiritual things can get into
> difficulty because we abstract from an esoteric fact and end up with our own
> preferences attached to the symbol we have used to express our
> interpretation of that fact. I have found g-s, so far, to hold many
> similarities to Buddhist precepts e.g detachment, etc.

Sounds very interesting.
Could you please give a reference to the web page you've mentioned?


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