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Re: spiritual discrimination

Oct 11, 1996 07:46 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ann E. Bermingham wrote:
> Well, well, well!
> I want to thank you, Max, for bringing these quotes to my attention.  You
> must have a fantastic memory to remember where they are in those many blue
> books.  I would also thank you for showing me a very glaring reason why
> there is a rift between the TS and the Bailey Group.

	Well, it all started out when Alice Bailey was with the Esoteric
Section. She claimed to be in touch with the Mahatmas. Annie Besant
essentially said, "Nobody is in touch with the Mahatma's until I say
they are in touch with the Mahatmas. Bailey disagreed.

	I, for one, find that Alice Bailey puts somewhat too much of her own
filtering on her works. I particularly find her racism and homophobia to
be highly offputting, even though I know that she is just a product of
her times (Leadbeater's couching everything in Christian terms has a
similar effect on me).

	Bart Lidofsky

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