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yes virginia, I do exist

Oct 11, 1996 04:05 PM
by John E. Mead

hi -
as list owner and devote hermit,  I thought I should
state a few things of general interest..

1. Maurice has signed off theos-l --- FYI

2. I had an interesting msg a few days ago....
we sometimes are considered an *exclusive* group??!!  I think the
idea is that being a discussion-list requires a subscribe, where
the news-groups do not.  I was happy to find that Internet has been so
successful.  It seems that *exclusive* is correlated with accessible.
that actually seems understandable ...  However,  I must point out
that we are not exclusive,  but the rather *excluded*.  after all.. who
has seen any major "power in office" recognize our existence and
participate? I wonder why,  but know better.  Truth is really higher
than religion, and that includes Theosophical Societies.  Truth
hurts...  but only when it not welcome.

from the outcast realms of the virtual "white brotherhood" ....

peace -
john e. mead
p.s. I may post something again, within the next six months. :-)

John E. Mead  <>
Member of TSA, and Theosophy International (TI).
Theos-L list owner;
(Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers;
Mathematics is impossible without consciousness.)

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