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Money Magic

Oct 10, 1996 03:12 PM
by RIhle

Jerry Schueler writes>
>As far as daily mundane stuff like fortune or money, his [A.C.'s] magic was
rather lacking (I have the same problem).

Richard Ihle writes>
I used to be a Buick man.  That was about twenty years ago.  I traded up from
a Electra 225 convertible to a Riviera.  I loved that Riviera.

I loved that Riviera so much:  Batmobile shape, black lacquer finish, red
leather interior, immaculate.  People would turn their heads and watch me
drive down the street.

About that same time, I was experimenting with some visualization techniques.
 Like everyone else who has ever had a similar interest (don't lie, everyone
else), I saw no reason why I should not try to conjure up a little
money--actually ~a lot~ of money.  I even remember the image I used:  myself
looking at a check made out to myself.  I did this a couple times and then
forgot about it.

About a week later I drove into a service station to get some gas.  While I
was inside paying, I looked up just in time to see a big gas truck back right
into the side of my Riviera.

The gas truck's insurance company was prompt in paying:  in no time at all I
found myself looking at a $2,000 check--which just about exactly covered the

After that, my Riviera had little wrinkles in the side if you looked closely.
 I didn't love it so much anymore.

Now, I drive an old Lincoln Town Car.


Richard Ihle

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