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To Maurice regarding "Sexism"

Oct 10, 1996 12:22 PM
by kymsmith


Firstly, let me thank you for your response to my posting named "Sexism."  I
gave a copy of it to members of a coven I used to attend, and it felt good
for us too serious, faddish women to have a boisterous belly laugh.

Although you claim to have a PhD in philosophy, it is suspect since you seem
to address and speak in the most sophomoric of terms and ideas.  May I
suggest you look more deeply into Islamic fundamentalism; I think you would
be snug as a bug in a rug in that philosophy.  Hark! did I not hear
Rafsanjani use the term "methinks" in one of his diatribes addressing the
evils of change, and the satanically influenced upstarts of women?

Also, it behooves no man to piss off a woman.  Sister Carrie (coven member)
wanted me to tell you that your new itchy red rash will disappear in time
and that you will begin to notice a slightly higher pitch in your voice.
That too will pass when she removes her spiked high heel off the effigy of
your tiny testicle.

Ah, Maurice, all things change given enough time.  Don't you worry now,
we'll wait.


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