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Re: A Dream Come True is A Work of Art

Oct 10, 1996 08:43 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> You know if I had the power to change the world and make it more
spiritual, I
> would start not with money, but with art.  If I could have a dream come
true, I
> would meet with the best minds and artists at a Crotona of the mind - the
> internet - the connection of the world mind and latent art and commerce,
> on a national defense network rapidly becoming a sesspool of pornography,
> commercial gimmicks and international banking and spying.

I think it depends on what part of the WWW you're looking at.  Personally,
I see a lot of diversity out there.  I've found the web invalueable in
doing research on subjects that range from beer to UFOs.  I have seen many
sites that were breathtaking in their presentation of the spiritual and had
more content than I have the time to read.

> How would one do this?  I am not sure?  My personal wish list for some
> collaborators and contributrors would include:
> 4.  Ann Bermingham, Jerry Schueler, Alan Bain (hey, I'm not in this
league, but
> I like to include my friends

I hate to break the news to you, but a gnostic church already has me signed
to do a web page.  It's still under construction, but we hope to have all
the links ready sometime in November, including a paper written by Stephan
Hoeller.  If anyone is curious, it can seen at:

If anyone here would like to learn HTML, I recommend "teach youself Web
Publishing with HTML 3.0 in a week" by Laura Lemay ($29.99).  It took me
more than a week, but I was busy with other things.

-Ann E. Bermngham

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