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Re: A.C., Duality and Discrimination

Oct 08, 1996 09:19 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Jim Meier
<> writes
>It seems to me that this is the fundamental problem of "theosophy" in the
>past sixty years or so: either there is NO PATH (a "pathless land", if you
>will) such as taught by Krishnamurti and others, or there is a definite,
>evolutionary process with marked stages of individual consciousness, human
>and otherwise (the "Ageless Wisdom" as put forth by HPB and those who claim
>to follow her).  If they can both be "right", how then do we resolve the

It seems to me that there is without any doubt a process akin to that
described by HPB et al, though I am not sure I would call it
evolutionary.  Erich Neumann, a teacher and student of C.J.Jung
["Origins and History of Consciousness"] spoke of a "stadial"
development within the human psyche, but claimed to have made the
empirical observation that although the different stages followed a
clear progression from one to another, the time interval(s) between them
were not fixed.  So A to B might take six months, B to C 13 years, C to
D three minutes, etc. (Exaggeration probable re 3 minutes!).

I can see no evidence to support the "pathless land" notion.

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