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Re: Unveiled Isis (Alan)

Oct 07, 1996 09:24 PM
by Bee Brown

At 07:47 PM 06/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In message <>, Jerry Hejka-Ekins
><> writes (re Abrantes)
>>If the discussion ceases to be productive--that is, we keep
>>retracing the same ground over and over again, then I will bow
>>out.  I have little time for theos-l lately anyway.  But at the
>>moment, I still see the promise of a productive discussion.  And
>>if nothing else, I think those of us on theos-l who are well read
>>in Blavatsky, are obliged to respond to inquiries concerning her
>Fair comment, and I wish you well!
>Alan (I did read *all* of your post).

I even printed a no of them for our local prison chaplin who is studying the
Nazarine aspect of Jesus and the history around that period. He say many
thanks as he found some interesting info amongst it all.

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>, and from homepage above.
Bee Brown
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