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who's right

Oct 04, 1996 05:28 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>henever we react to others' religious beliefs along the lines
>of "You CAN'T be right, because I'M right, and our views are
>mutually contradictory" we are falling short of the potential
>for harmony and reconciliation that is part of our essence as
>- -
That raises a question in my mind. I have a young cusin with whom I had a
long conversation about this just this PM. He has a friend who's an
evangelist, and believes in the verbatim meaning of the Bible, and that one
can only be saved through the intercession of Jesus Christ. AND SHE KNOWS

my cusin and I believe that the Bible is a mix of allegory, history, poetry
and etc., awhich sometimes contradicts itself, and my cusin says he can
prove it by quoting. We also believe that the way we save ourselves is
through our own efforts ... maybe with the help of Jesus or some other
religious leader whom we find wise. AND WE KNOW THAT WE'RE RIGHT.

What course does anyone on this list suggest should we take to acquire
harmony and reconciliation. We both proselite, the former more than the
latter, and to me, if the former ever are the ones who dictate our mores, I
will feel very abrogated.


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