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Re: Un-organizational Evolution

Oct 02, 1996 07:27 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B.

At 20:30 02.10.1996 -0400, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

>I inwardly smiled when I read this, because I can understand your skepticism.
>But I would like to share with everyone this passage from A. Bailey's The
Rays &
>The Initiations:

Thank you for the very intersting passage. I read some of the AB's books
many years ago, but lately I've been following the mystical line, and have
not followed up with this.

I can fully agree that there is an interesting awakening going on right now,
and it  will probably become much intensified in the years to come. But real
initiation is a "serious business", a transformation of both the psyche and
the body (Suksma Sharira that is), that takes some serious time
(trditionally 7 consecutive incarnations).

But I was also referring to an entirely diffrent possibility, which to my
mind fits quite well into these ideas of mass siritual awakening. It would
be more like like an "advanced self-aware opening" to the spiritual realms a
natural evolutionary process of an order of higher degree than previously. I
agree that it will be propelled by the mass spirituality process, cfr. Dr.
Sheldrake's theory of Morphic fields and the 100 apes...

If we take the theosophical theory of the evolutionary process of life on
the earth, it evolves through first sensing influences of "a new field of
conciousness", to later acting on that field.
Thus we can cut in with the mineral kingdom's ability to "sense" forces in
nature including the life force, Prana, Ki etc. You can store vital energy
in crystalls, and we interact with nature in that sense all the time. The
next, the  kingdom of plants, includes use of the vital energy in all its
lifecicles, and according to experiments (cfr. The Secret Life of Plants)
they are highly perceptive of emotional energy. The animals are clearly
active emotionally, and the higher species seem to have quite advanced way
of perceiving, and even acting on the thinking principle. When we come to
the human domain, we at large seem to be still engaged in the gymnastics of
the lower Mind, the rational thinking, but we all enjoy more or less the
advanced "intuitional understanding" of the higher mind.

What would then be the further progress?

It would shurely be the higher intuition, the direct perception of the
truth, the wisdom conciousness. This is obviously the next peceptive phase,
and we are already touching this "Next Principle" of evolution. Now, what
would be the "active" part of such "direct perception of truth", higher
understanding, intuition, seeing, or whatever we agree on calling it? How
about LOVE, the loving kindness, the "initiate" type of selfless
compassion"? It is the autonomous act of higher understanding, isn't it?
Love and understanding are two sides of the same principle, Unconditional
Loving Kindness. There is no real Love without Understanding, and no real
Understanding without Love!!!!
I believe that this is the next stage of evolution, and we are more or less
practicing it in our best moments, in the global spiritual movement of
New-Agers. Being aware of the process and going with the current within,
enormously enhanches its movement, but we have to leave the argumental stage
and move into the intuitive, acceptive, listening state of free
communication, without either believing or denying what we hear or see. This
is the open and unconditional frame of mind that will bring us to the
spirituality of the future.

With LOVE to you all.

Einar from Iceland.
Let's change the world,
by each of us changing ourselves,

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