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Hodsoon & science

Sep 20, 1996 05:39 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>nsupported testimony is not science and there is no way any clairvoyant
>testimony can be supported right now.  It may be true, or it may not

There are ESP experiemnts written up during which several clairvoyants have
perceived the same phenomenon similarly, if not the same.

Also, I've noticed that if one goes from the ways of shamans in one
civilisation to the ways of shamans in another cilivlisation, great
similarities exist. At least that's been my experience, which doesn't
include all the various shamans under the sun. Or let's say what Harry
taught matches recognizably what Serge King taught. Harry came from an
Asiatic Indian tradition, Serge is Hawaiian. I can frequently translate from
one system to the other. lately Alan wrote something involving ESP around
Lockerbie, and what he wwrote coincides perfectly with what I've been tuaght
happens over here.

So we're getting nearer to that experiements can be replicated. I was also
just now thinking of Serge's book "Earth Energies", where he describes past
experiments with prana, and present ones he's done, and some which still
need  doing. Again, what various experimenters discovered about prana
overlaps. The past experiments are repeatable.


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