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not a lack of understanding

Sep 20, 1996 03:05 AM
by Murray Stentiford


[Murray, re the word "clairvoyance"]
>I use the word because
>it has become associated with Hodson's and others' work, but it has its
>own load of baggage and limitations and I'm not particularly comfortable
>using it.

>How about saying "people who have ESP"?

Yes, I guess it's a pretty good term, though when you think of "extra
sensory", it has to mean extra to the physical senses, but doesn't actually
say so and theosophists are notorious for entertaining the idea that there
are other senses.

Hodson, as I guess you know, often used the term "superphysical perception"
which seems to get over that problem, but is a bit of a mouthful unless you
shorten it to SP, but is that catchy enough? It's hard to please some people.

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