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Re: (Fwd) Homepage on Theosophy

Sep 18, 1996 07:19 PM
by m.k. ramadoss


I am very glad to see your message. Internet is going to change the way
we are able to reach everyone interested in Theosophy.

The fact Brazilian members have put together a Homepage once again points
to the basic fact that the strength and usefulness of Theosophy is
fundamentally due to individual dedicated members rather than an
organization. I wish to congratulate everyone involved and I will visit
the homepage.

I am also glad you mentioned about the links to other related homepages.
It is these links that encourage visitors to visit homepages. A static
homepage with no links has extremely limited usefulness and in due course
no one will be visiting it, thus defeating the very purpose of a home page.

	MK Ramadoss

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Osmar de Carvalho wrote:

> Subject:       Homepage on Theosophy
> Aloha!
> Some brazilian members of the Theosophical Society
> launched a HomePage on theosophy at:
> If you can read in "portuguese" or spanish, one visit
> to the page can reveal some interesting articles.
> There are a lot of theosophical links also,
> links, either in portuguese or english, to others
> homepages or theosophical "lists".
> Warm greetings from Brazil!
> Osmar de Carvalho
> Email:
> ******************************************************************************
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1 - Formar um nucleo da Fraternidade Universal da Humanidade, sem distincao
>     de raca, credo, sexo, casta ou cor;
> 2 - Encorajar o estudo de Religiao Comparada, Filosofia e Ciencia; e
> 3 - Investigar as leis inexplicadas da natureza e os poderes latentes no
>     homem.
> ******************************************************************************
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> - Para saber mais sobre a Lista Teosofia, e-mail para
> - Para saber mais sobre a Loja Teosofica Virtual (Inst. Teosofico Pitagoras):
> - Para saber mais sobre a Sociedade Teosofica no Brasil (Fundada em 17 de
>   novembro de 1919). Sede Nacional: SGAS, Quadra 603, Modulo 20; 70200-630 -
>   Brasilia - DF. Telefone (061)226-0662, (061)226-1036; FAX (061)226-3703),
>   e-mail para (em implantacao, substituindo
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> fim

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