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Re: Hodson (Ex: Angels etc)

Sep 18, 1996 05:09 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Murray
Stentiford <> writes
>The corresponding word would have to be "puellile", from the Latin, wouldn't
>it? I wouldn't blame anybody for not wanting to invent it, though.

OK, we won't! :-)
>>Taking the scientific approach as best I can, I have long described all
>>such contacts, whether otherwise known as devas, angles of whatever, as
                                                   angels or
>>Intelligences - this is the only *defintive* means I can think of to
>>avoid dogmatic, theological, theosophical or other preconceptions.
>Yes, we sure can do with a baggage-free word.

That's why I use it, and the more of them we can discover the better,
IMHO.  It beats Sanskrit.

I once took an emergency route via NY to Chicago to get to a meeting on
time (Brit Airways had a very delayed flight).  My baggage went direct
to Chicago, and I could not get it back.  When I got there my original
direct flight had just arrived, along with my baggage!  Me, I went from
London to New York JFK, cab to the airport in New Jersey (that's right!)
and an internal overnight flight leaving at 0140 for Los Angeles, but
stopping once in Chicago for some reason I know not.

I guess it was me who was the baggage in this case ...

Alan :-)
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