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Re: Bee's quote of Hodson

Sep 13, 1996 00:55 AM
by Bee Brown

At 10:28 PM 12/09/96 -0400, Liesel wrote:
>Fascinating. Thanks Bee, I saved the whole thing to a disk. It's fascinating.
>I'd like to put in 2 little side additions
>1. as below, so above: The passage "In the heart of every seed is a living
>center, which contains the stored up results of previous seasons," reminds
>me of Sishtas, mentioned in the SD. According to Baborkas Sanskrit
>dictionary Sishtas are "literally remainders: referred to in the SD as the
>divine mortals who remain behind when the life wave of humanity passes from
>globe to globe in the Earth-Chain, thus providing the seeds of humanity for
>the returning monads."

I had a great chat on theos-world about Sishtas as I had been reading GdeP
and found them a fascinating concept. You will find the Hodson quote on the
disk I sent you in the book on Understanding the Psychic Nature.
>2. Towards the end, it talks about "We may smell the sound". The way that is
>logical to me is that the smell is caused by certain vibes, and if one
>creature's sense organs are geared to resonate to the same vibes differently
>than another, it may well be that one creature smells the vibes which
>another one hears.

Vitvan says that we live in an energy world and that it only appears solid
and objective due to our senses being too slow to pick up frequency
intervals. In a world like that, it would just mean knowing how to change
frequencies within one's 'physical' configuration to smell a noise as both
are vibrations to start with. Within that framework it does seem feasable????
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

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