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Karma will tell

Sep 09, 1996 09:41 PM
by Keith Price

As for spiritualized eroticism, yes, that's something I never
experienced and have an interest in.  Don't know at this point
if we'll meet at all and if so anytime soon-- and I will start
looking to date locally fairly soon.  The future is mysterious
though, and who knows?  Your "type" is generally appealing to
me.  With our compatibility, we can at least be sounding boards for each
other, since we seem to have so many common interests and
problems.  What's your longest-lasting relationship to date?

Yes, we are adults and it would be silly to put alot of expectations based on
e-mail pen pals.  I had a really bad experince where I flew to meet someone who
seemed like Mr. Right on a chat line (900 numbers).  It was less than a disaster
if you can imagine.  Relationships I have come to believe are fated in some way.
The people we are attracted to and attract to us are probably past life
relationships or represent past life issues in some way.  We may only have an
intellectual rapport, but that is OK.

Today I scanned two pictures of myself.  I want to upload them to compuserve
which has a big gay board called PRIDE (againg just for fun really).  I learned
how to scan which I had never done before.  I am really getting into computers
and think I want to use them in some "spiritual way"  Patrick Allesandra on
theos-l is here in Houston and does so-called esoteric computer astrology based
on Alice Bailey's work which is damn near insane and totally non-sytematic.
However her LABOR OF HERCULES is quite good.  Maybe Dwaj Kul or the TIBETAN was
having a bad year when he channed ES. ASTROLOGY :)
HIs computer chart is only so-so in my opinion.
Keith Price

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