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Re: Cayce & psychism

Sep 07, 1996 01:53 PM
by Bee Brown

At 03:42 PM 05/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Bee wrote:
>Here is an interesting little bit from the elaboration of the 1st sutra;
>"There is a phase in each individual's ongoing which is referred to as the
>"probationary period on the path". According to Plato, it is a period of
>psychic groping. It is characterized by a stirring urge to know--a
>seeking, serious inquiry, etc. During this period the individual seeker
>sustain conscious effort before accumulated results become a force positive
>enough to sustain him.
>	Yes, this is also recognized in Theosophical literature.
>This search is an intrinsic part of the Path. When one sustains the effort
>and helps to further
>the cause of the Self one will get in touch with Light's regions as Vitvan
>calls it (noetic mind).
>Then one feels the Bliss (ananda) permeating all life - and more
>responsibilities are seen
>through a clearer perception. It's a gradual process though.
>Most of what he says, that I understand, is in line with what theosophy has
taught me but there are parts of his cosmology that I cannot quite
understand but get a vague gist of what he means. It is like getting a quick
glimpse behind Maya but it has not as yet a real effect in daily life except
for a vague feeling that things ain't quite what they used to be.

Bee Brown
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