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Re: Question (Stephen M. Dicke)

Sep 04, 1996 10:25 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hi Stephen,

I just returned from vacation.  In reply to your post of Aug.
27th:   I am interested in the comparative writings of
theosophists and in theosophical history.   What are your
approaches to your interests?


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>How do I put a question to those on the list?  My questions are
>I am especially a fan of two areas in theosophical history:
>  1. philosophy of J. Krishnamurti
>  2. "pseudo"-science (alchemy of Bessant, Leadbeater & Hodson
>     and study of "paranormal" electromagnetic measurements to
>     be exact).
>Are there any others with interests in either of these two?  Are
>there any lists that cater to these areas?  Can anyone help me
>Stephen M. Dicke
> (work:

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