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RE: Psychogenesis - Where can I get it

Sep 02, 1996 09:16 AM
by Keith Price

Murry Steintiford writes:
Another factor is, who or what is doing the desiring? Psychogenesis has a
very powerful explanatory or at least descriptive value, here. Your fragment
of the universal consciousness is temporarily trapped in states such as "I
really want a cigarette", while they last. On the other hand, the focal
point of "your" consciousness can shift and widen immeasurably when you are
resting in a beautiful natural environment and begin to feel at peace, and
one with, all that is around you. Likewise with meditation.

I am not kidding when I say I have never heard of Psychogenesis except on theo-l
and roots.  I know I could go to the library or book store, but would someone
share with me a little history and the major work of this movement.  Please
e-mail me privately, if you feel it is not a appropriate for the group. I know
that Richard mentioned it also.  I would really appreciate it.

Thanks sincerely
Keith Price

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